Case Study

Aireforge Increase Their Web Traffic by Optimising Their Azure Resources

Using the power of Azure, Aireforge has deployed local instances across the globe, improving the end-user experience and increasing website traffic.

The Challenge

Project Overview

  • Aireforge wanted to increase web traffic to their site by optimising their cloud environment to improve response times and availability for audiences worldwide.
  • xTEN and Aireforge worked together to consider global traffic trends and identify areas in the existing Azure solution that could be relocated or replaced to improve the user experience for their international community.
  • xTEN proposed a new architecture that would grant greater global distribution, reduce network latency, and reduce costs.
  • Since deploying the new Cloud solution, the Aireforge website is now optimised for their global audience, with distributed endpoints to reduce latency, autoscaling to handle high loads, and automatic failover to ensure availability.

The Customer


Established in 2015, Aireforge are the proprietors of Aireforge Studio, an application designed for database professionals to analyse, secure, and tune SQL Server and Azure SQL databases.

Alongside Aireforge Studio, Aireforge provides the SQL Server community with a connection string generator tool, granting users the ability to dynamically create connection strings optimised for their environment.

Aireforge saw their web traffic increase by over 50%, with search engine visibility more than doubling in the months after the transition.

Designing a New Cloud Architecture to Increase Web Traffic

Continual interest in Aireforge Studio and the widespread use of Aireforge’s connection string generator tool were apparent in site analytics, however, it became evident that the existing cloud architecture was limiting Aireforge’s performance when serving their global audience.

With a growing number of users within Asia and North America, xTEN redesigned the existing architecture to provision several globally distributed endpoints to reduce latency and improve user experience across the board.

Each endpoint was designed to auto-scale to handle high demand, with continual health probes permitting automatic failover to ensure availability. Alerts were also outlined for key metrics across all resources, ensuring the team would become instantly aware of issues should they arise.

Seamless Transition to a Global Solution with High Availability

The resources outlined in the design were costed and showed significant savings based on the existing architecture. With the cost reductions of the optimised design alongside the aforementioned benefits, Aireforge were happy to proceed and deploy the new solution.

All resources and alerts were defined in code by xTEN using Terraform. This meant that Aireforge could easily redeploy all resources with an identical configuration at any time. It also means that any future changes to the environment are versioned within source control.

With the solution agreed upon, the resources were deployed and tested thoroughly, ensuring the global service, autoscaling, automatic failover, and monitoring were working as expected.

Aireforge then redirected their traffic to the new solution, and users transitioned seamlessly to the new service.

Greater Web Traffic, Faster User Experience

The monthly number of visitors increased by 50.3% solely from this change, and with search engine visibility doubling over 30 days, Aireforge continues to improve their position and generate organic traffic.

User experience has greatly improved due to the decrease in response times and high availability, and extensive monitoring across the new resources has given Aireforge a far greater insight into the health of their estate.

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