Case Study

Webtrends Optimize Reach Migration Aspirations with Azure

The move to Azure gave Webtrends Optimize the opportunity to create improvements and tweak infrastructure.

The Challenge

Project Overview

  • Webtrends Optimize was acquired from Webtrends Inc. by a UK-based company, Accelerate Group Limited.
  • There was a requirement to migrate the entire data centre and split the data between the still US-based Webtrends Inc. and now UK-based Webtrends Optimize.
  • xTEN worked with the Webtrends Optimize team to design, cost and perform the migration.
  • The migration was delivered on time and Webtrends Optimize have been using Azure successfully since then.

The Customer

Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize are a specialist CRO, enterprise-grade experimentation platform. With their market-leading technology they enhance digital experiences for the customers of huge brand websites and refine digital sales funnels for maximum onsite ROI.

This was an exciting but crucial time for the company, there was absolutely no room for error. We needed a company who would guide us through the process, work with our team internally and deliver a faultless solution. xTEN provided us with the confidence we needed for such a huge, business-critical undertaking from day one. Their on-going support will be paramount in the scaling of our operations and ensure we remain agile and keep productivity on track.

Matt Smith

Fast and Effective Data Migration Required

Webtrends Optimize were at a pivotal moment when they engaged us for assistance. Post-acquisition, there was a requirement to migrate data quickly and efficiently from the source to a new destination.

The inhouse team required the assistance of an experienced third-party company to complement and enhance their existing skill set for the migration to run smoothly.

Great Collaboration Makes for Smooth Migration

The xTEN team worked with both the Webtrends Inc. US team and the Webtrends Optimize UK team to design the infrastructure and coordinate and plan the migration from start to finish.

The client relied on our experience and well-established partnership with Microsoft as well as our extensive experience with Cloud Solutions, particularly Azure, to ensure the whole process was as economical as possible, while still being aligned to their goals.

This migration was multifaceted. There were multiple servers involved, a huge amount of data to deal with and teams that were separated by the Atlantic.

Collaboration between the teams combined with a measured and logical approach saw the migration proceed with zero issues leaving Webtrends Optimize with an efficient, cost effective cloud solution that can grow with them.

Having xTEN involved was extremely helpful, their knowledge of the Azure platform, their understanding of our company set up and the way they worked with our team was instrumental to the success of this project.

Matt Goodchild

Future-Proofed Solutions and an Ongoing Partnership

The move to Azure gave Webtrends Optimize the opportunity to create improvements and tweak infrastructure. Cost savings were inherent in our plan as was the ability to seamlessly scale as and when their demand grows in the future.

The inhouse teams have noted a faultless experience in the Azure solution since the migration.

Our ongoing collaboration means that we can work as a team to spot potential issues before they become business problems. We’re also on hand as an extension of the team to support in future projects and the scaling of the company’s data infrastructure.

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