xTEN Portal

By choosing xTEN as your Managed Service Provider, you and your team are given access to vital information and insight, helping you make informed decisions when they matter the most.

Collaborate Seamlessly

The portal helps us work as part of your team. Its tools create effective communication, making sure you know we’re always here when you need us.


Get Clarity on Changes

You get immediate, comprehensive information on all activity within your estate. You can view component changes and control our alerting using a variety of methods.


Interact With Your Estate Components.

You can gain detailed insights into all components under our care. We give you custom component metrics and attributes, with an extensive overview of resources and their connections.


We Listen To Your Needs

This is the place to share your own ideas and insights with us. Tell us what new tools would benefit you the most, so we can ensure that our services continue to progress and excel.


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