Driving Business Excellence
& Maximising Your Performance

By designing, optimising and managing your SQL Server and Azure estate

Our Process

Step 1


Before we do anything, we take the time to understand your goals and current and future challenges. We carry out powerful, in-depth reviews to give us focused, valuable feedback. We use a mix of our own and industry-leading tools to assess your current data, infrastructure and operational practices.

Step 2


Building on our Discovery phase, we help design the systems and solutions that will work for you now, and in the future. This is a fast-moving and dynamic environment, and it can be overwhelming to keep on top of all the recommendations. Best practices aren’t always the right ones for your business.

Step 3


We work closely with your team to implement all our recommendations and set up the systems your need to drive performance, future-proof your business and ensure complete security. We deliver everything within an agreed timeframe, and in such a way that keeps any impact on your productivity to a minimum.

Step 4


As efficiency obsessives, we help you get more from your cloud estate and databases. Once commissioned, we continually search for ways to improve performance and tune settings. We help you get more from existing systems while maximising the impact of innovation. By drastically reducing your response times, and boosting performance, you can rely on us to provide optimum systems at all times.

Step 5


Our management takes the form of a proactive detailed highly attentive service. Rather than respond to incidents and issues, we predict, prevent and protect your business performance and productivity objectives at all times.

Step 6

Our Mission

We will create a managed service and cloud provider that ensures complete security, optimum performance and continual innovation for our clients. We design, install, optimise and manage flexible, responsive, robustly future-proof systems that minimise downtime, and maximise performance.

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Case Studies

How xTEN help their customers do more with less

Our Story

Who Are xTEN?

xTEN is a complete Managed Services Provider (MSP), partnering with Microsoft to deliver our unbeatable managed service on their cloud computing service; Azure.

We work hard to add value to our clients and push their systems to the limits.


Your Problem
Is Our Problem

We don’t stop until it’s fixed. And when we fix something, we fix it for good, first time.


Our Team
Never Stands Still

You’ll discover that our work ethic and creativity give you an unfair advantage.

We saw our web traffic increase by over 50%, with search engine visibility more than doubling in the months after the transition.

Carl Mills

xTEN provided us with the confidence we needed for such a huge, business-critical undertaking from day one.

Matt Smith
Webtrends Optimize



We know that you will have a lot of questions – we would always be happy to help you if you get in touch with us. In the meantime, here are a few more common questions abut how we work and what we do.

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