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Health Check

Reduce costs, improve security and scale your Azure services.

Our Approach

Has your cloud-adoption left you feeling slightly underwhelmed? From spiralling costs to poorly performing services, our Azure Health Check can help you get back on your feet and take steps to success.

Whilst organisations may find the initial setup and migration of services into Azure relatively straightforward, complexities and inefficiencies can quickly mount up. Although Microsoft provides plenty of best practice guidance, finding the time or know-how internally can be a challenge, leaving you with poorly managed infrastructure and mounting bills.


The Azure Health Check

Don’t settle for a generic review of your infrastructure against best practices. To meet your needs, we’ll take the time to understand your goals and current challenges before the review to provide focused, valuable feedback. Using a mix of our own and industry-leading tools, we’ll assess your current Microsoft Azure infrastructure and operational practices.


The Report

Our report will provide you with clear recommendations for improvements, automation, licencing and cost savings, and post-assessment support to answer any questions and next steps. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we are well placed to implement our recommendations or engage with Microsoft for further guidance or funding.


The Health Check

A Typical Review

  • Resource Usage
  • Configuration and Provisioning
  • Security Risks and Cloud Governance
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Performance and Efficiency Optimisation

Maximise Performance

Uncover ways to make your cloud estate the agile, future-proofed solution you expected it to be.

Enhance Security

Don’t be the last to know about any security risks in your cloud estate. Find out now so you can protect your systems and your customers.

Sweat Your Assets

Poorly provisioned resources and inefficiencies are costing you money. Find out what you really need to pay for and cut the rest.

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