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Readiness Assessment

Your first step to a successful cloud journey

Our Approach

Get your cloud migration off to the best possible start. Whilst the benefits of cloud migration are widely known, understanding the preparation and various moving parts isn’t. We’ll help you to avoid common mistakes and set up your migration for success with our Azure readiness assessment.

Azure is constantly changing, which makes staying on top of the latest information challenging – especially when you’re trying to decide on the right approach for your business. As Azure experts, we stay on top of updates so you can be confident that when you migrate your services, you’ll experience the full range of benefits the cloud has to offer.


The Assessment

We know from experience that one approach does not fit all. Our first step is a discovery call to understand your goals and key areas of focus. An understanding of the way you work is vital to us and we’ll use what we learn to give you relevant, tailored advice.

Once we understand your needs, we typically spend two weeks reviewing your existing systems. Our readiness assessment examines your estate’s readiness for the cloud by reviewing all key requirements, covering architecture, performance and operations.

Our review identifies any areas of concern that may prevent or limit your capabilities in the cloud, and generates an action plan for effective cloud migration. We assemble all the information so you can make an informed decision and avoid costly mistakes.


The Follow Up

As part of your service, we provide post-assessment support to answer any questions and help you toward your next steps. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solution Provider, we are experienced in Azure migrations and can support you in any way you need, from carrying out your migration to engaging Microsoft for support on your behalf.


The Assessment


  • Evaluate storage and database needs
  • Review resource usage
  • Explore licence options
  • Provide estimated infrastructure costs
  • Provide estimate running costs
  • Assess cloud platform options
  • Conduct compatibility tests and trial migrations

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

With a clear plan and our experienced team to show you the way, your journey to the cloud just got faster.

A Cost-Effective Migration

Our review will help you steer clear of common pitfalls and highlight key areas of your estate to investigate before you migrate, saving you money later down the line.

Get The Right Solution

Moving to the cloud isn’t for everyone, and it’s better to find out before than afterwards. Our Microsoft Azure experts can advise on options to suit your budget, team, and goals.

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