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What is a Cloud Solution Provider?

A Cloud Solution Provider is a company that participates in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program, which was created to help customers and partners succeed and grow through digital transformation.

As a Cloud Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, xTEN are granted exclusive benefits that allow us to leverage the Microsoft commerce experience and add value to our customers that wouldn’t be possible with a direct subscription.


Why Should We Use a Cloud Solution Provider?

For customers, buying through a CSP partner as opposed to going directly to Microsoft means they can expect a broader range of purchasing options, customised solutions, and a direct line of support when they need it. Customers will also have the opportunity to access Microsoft funding for certain projects such as PoC’s or data centre migrations.

The Cloud Solution Provider program is Microsoft’s preferred model, so alongside the additional benefits they ensure their CSPs provide customers with the high standard of service Microsoft maintains itself. Your CSP becomes the first point of contact, so choosing a CSP that has expertise in your field is highly beneficial.

Choose xTEN as Your Cloud Solution Provider

All the benefits that come with using a CSP are augmented with the expertise that we can provide. Customers can utilise our experience with data centre migrations, ask us questions on recommended architectures and PoCs, and get assistance to ensure their estates are optimised for both performance and price.

As an established Managed Service Provider customer support has always been our top priority; we’ve refined our ticket management system using in-house tools to ensure tickets are quickly routed, addressed and resolved. Our experience in incident management means our response times are instant when we’re needed the most.


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