Case Study

Speed and Reliability for Ten With Our Managed SQL Server Service

xTEN helped Ten to achieve a 50% reduction in response times.

The Challenge

Project Overview

  • Ten approached us with interest in our Managed SQL Server
  • As part of the onboarding process, xTEN migrated Ten to new xTEN built and configured servers
  • Migrating the estate and applying best practices resulted in a 50% reduction in response times
  • Ten remain a highly valued client at xTEN as we continue to maintain their systems

The Customer

Ten Lifestyle Group

Ten Lifestyle Group is the world’s leading travel and lifestyle concierge business, servicing affluent and wealthy individuals and their families. Ten’s services are either provided on a complimentary basis by Ten’s corporate clients – private banks, wealth management businesses and global luxury brands or available through private membership directly with Ten.

The growing business has over 1,000 expert lifestyle managers, product and technology professionals in 22 countries globally, speaking 26 different languages and serving over more than 2 million members 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ten are innovators in the luxury sector; they’re tech-centric and data-driven. Rich data visualisation allows the Ten team to identify insights on predictive behaviour mapping for clients, making them truly unique in their industry.

Customer service is priority number one. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-tier, bespoke, one-of-a-kind services. The initial 50% reduction in response times took immediate effect in our operational efficiencies which enabled us to better service our customers. We were impressed with what initial efficiencies could be made on our existing infrastructure and continue to find ongoing value and support in our managed service.

Francesco De Marchis
Global CTO and COO / Ten

Striving for Fast and Reliable Operations

The main objective was to establish our ongoing support for Ten’s estate, making their operations faster and more reliable. In order to accept their servers into support, we first needed to embark on a seamless migration to our configured servers.

Great Collaboration Makes for a Smooth Migration

This migration had to be quick, smooth and with as little disruption as possible to the client’s existing operations. We integrated our ticketing systems to minimise disturbance and maximise collaborative communications.

As part of the onboarding process to our Managed SQL Server service, we performed a migration of the core database to xTEN built servers.

The success of the core database migration ensured that the servers were fit for purpose and configured to peak standard, employing best practices. The in-house team at Ten were integral throughout the operation, ensuring a genuinely problem-free process.

Our estate is in the best possible hands. The robust estate implemented by xTEN means we have no worries when it comes to the consistency or reliability of our systems. We can continue to innovate as a team safe in the knowledge that our foundations are rock solid.

Jaya Jha
Director / Software Development / Ten

Faster, Reliable Solutions Means an Exciting Future for Ten

The migration went off without a hitch and there was an immediate 50% reduction in response times. Ten were able to handle more requests faster using their current infrastructure, better servicing their client’s needs.

By applying our knowledge built from decades of SQL Server experience, Ten’s estate is now more reliable, consistent and future-proofed.

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