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Introducing the xTEN Portal

Giving you the tools you need to view and interact with your xTEN Managed Service.

Phil Grayson


We’re excited to announce that the time has arrived to
invite you to our new platform!

The xTEN portal has been developed to strive for one of our key aims as a company; to work as though we are part of your in-house team. While our work integrating Service Desks and building strong communication bridges helps us with this aim, it became evident that granting you insight and interactivity into your Managed Service was the logical next step.


Collaborate Seamlessly with our Portal Dashboard

You’ll now get a comprehensive insight into the issues we’re working on. Create new tickets, view active and historical data, analyse service metrics and much more.


Get Clarity on Changes in Activity Management

Alongside access to a comprehensive list of component activity, you’ll be able to add different change log types to inform us of any amendments, delay our alerting processes while work is being carried out, or provide notes to our tickets informing us of known occurrences during a given time window.


Interact with Components in Estate

Find detailed insights into the components under our care. Information includes open tickets, associated activities, service levels, and an ever-growing list of attributes that strengthen our service.


Secured with Azure AD.

With this excellent source of information, it is of course paramount to ensure this data is secured. That’s why the xTEN portal integrates natively with Azure Active Directory, so your company’s security practices are maintained and enforced on sign-in. On top of this, users are explicitly granted access to their tenant against their AD user information, ensuring access is granted to those who are permitted and no one else.


We’ve got an ever-growing list of features available within the xTEN portal and plenty coming up in the pipeline.

If there’s a particular feature you feel would be helpful for you and your team, please let us know.

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