About xTEN

xTEN help organisations cut IT costs and propel their growth. Using decades of SQL Server experience, we’ll transform your computer systems. Get the IT foundations you need to take your business to the next level.

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We’re a growing, dynamic team that specialises in high performance data. When you work with us, you’ll get:

More than 40 years’ experience in SQL Server. We’ve been working with SQL Server back since version 6.5. This has given us the skills to identify issues and resolve them fast.

Database expertise. Previous experience includes managing the world’s largest healthcare database. We’ve also worked on high-transactional data in Travel and Finance.

Database development. Integration, reporting, migration, release management: we’ve done it all. Thanks to our Healthcare background, where tiny changes can have a huge impact, we take change management incredibly seriously.

A strategic approach. Our experience managing high growth systems has given us unique insight into capacity planning. We’ve learnt to predict issues before they happen, so we can help you avoid them.


The team at xTEN are:

Life-long learners. We pride ourselves on learning new skills and keeping up to date with the latest technologies. We don’t just follow the latest trends though - when you work with us, you’ll get a balanced approach backed by experience.

Improvement seekers. We love working with businesses to make processes better. If we can see a way to make something work faster and smarter, we’ll do it!

Planet lovers. We want to protect the environment so we do what we can to reduce our impact on it. We’ll visit if you need us, but we prefer to do things over video or online if possible.

Our Values

Here at xTEN, we strive to:

Take ownership. Your problem is our problem and we don’t stop until it’s fixed.

Be proactive. We want to solve issues before you even spot them.

Add value. Your projects will benefit from our wide range of knowledge and experience.

Stay focused. Establish your priorities and we’ll stick to them.